Well you don’t have to. But you know you have a memory. And if someone is alive in your memory, then how can they be dead. Somefing its taken me a little bit of time to get my head around but what can I say except… something is keeping me alive …


whass it gonna be? knifebinES2304_415x275
the shank and watching man bleed
how’s your sleep gonna be?
cos you made a man bleed

gonna stand and see
just how a man bleed?
Are you gonna be a refugee
from your own deed?
dial 999 and stop the catastrophe
or stand and watch a man bleed?

and when your feet come unstuck
where you gonna run?
you can’t pass the buckSNN0710A-682_525291a
so where you gonna run?

Distance and speed?
Think that’s what you’ll need?
Out run your conscious?
Surrender. Concede for your misdeed
The nightmares won’t stop
Cos you made a man bleed

You. You made a human bleed

Put it down. Leave it at home. Give it in.
Life. Not the Knife.

I know who you are, yu kno… and I’m comin’ for you, truss me blud


Born 21st September 1991 -19th July 2008

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‘Yeah Wha’gwan?

I’m here because of my Sister, Ayleen. It’s only cos she’s my twin and I got bare love for ‘er that I’m doing this. But she reckons it will be good for me. Get me out of my head an’ finkin’ about something else instead of runnin’s on road…

So all I can say is, yeah, don’t be expecting fireworks from this corner cos really and truly, I’d rather be bunnin a big fat zoot… well, that ain’t entirely true. I am trying to cut down on my green intake an’ I must admit, I been feelin’ better for it… it’s difficult checkin’ me boys dem doh cos nuff a dem smoke so…it’s a will power thing… been spending more time on my own so…

It’s cool hanging out with Algernon doh. Check his blog. He’s been tellin’ me fings I need to hear still… but he ain’t patronising like some ol’ people. Anyways, this is my first blog and… yeah… let’s see what happens.


Smugz aka Elijah Paul