whass it gonna be? knifebinES2304_415x275
the shank and watching man bleed
how’s your sleep gonna be?
cos you made a man bleed

gonna stand and see
just how a man bleed?
Are you gonna be a refugee
from your own deed?
dial 999 and stop the catastrophe
or stand and watch a man bleed?

and when your feet come unstuck
where you gonna run?
you can’t pass the buckSNN0710A-682_525291a
so where you gonna run?

Distance and speed?
Think that’s what you’ll need?
Out run your conscious?
Surrender. Concede for your misdeed
The nightmares won’t stop
Cos you made a man bleed

You. You made a human bleed

Put it down. Leave it at home. Give it in.
Life. Not the Knife.

I know who you are, yu kno… and I’m comin’ for you, truss me blud



  1. Excuse me! But WHO put this up here?!!

  2. Is a good thing to draw attention to the problem but no more blood spilling please, It won’t bring my son back. It will just take a child from another mother so please, settle down…

  3. But who wrote this tho?!

  4. is this supposed to scare me or sumfing? ‘llow dat man!

    • you better watch yourself young man! you getting to brazen. We gone fin’ you!

      • Best mind ya own ol’ man cos I know where you live too, you get me

      • …and i know where you live Hottahz… it’s just a matter of time…

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